Renewed Skin Aesthetics is located in Bray, Maidenhead, Berkshire. The clinic is situated in the grounds of the magnificent Weir Bank Estate, former residence of Herbert Oppenheimer, surrounded by 16 acres of prime countryside, on the banks of the River Thames in Bray.

I contacted Renewed Skin for a course of SkinPen treatments and from the very start, I felt like I was in good hands. The Practitioner was so knowledgeable about the Skin and cells and rejuvenation and explained everything to me in simple English without using big fancy words or making me feel inadequate in comparison to my own research I had done.

I have never had any facial treatments before, however, the Practitioner kept me informed throughout the whole process. I felt comfortable and relaxed during the procedure and I am so impressed with the results so far!! After just 3 sessions I have seen and felt improvement in my skin elasticity, I can see visible signs of rejuvenation and I am so much more confident in my appearance and I can’t thank Renewed Skin enough. It means a lot to me when someone takes an interest in my skin goals and needs and focus their whole attention on wanting to support and advise me on what to do to achieve this. Highly recommend anyone to consider Renewed Skin, that is looking for that personal touch, great treatment and investment that they feel was worth it and more.

Anon - Slough

I opted to try SkinPen MicroNeedling for a number of reasons. Firstly, I am of dual heritage and my skin scarred easily and I had uneven pigmentation certain areas of my face. I also suffered with under the surface pimples and boil spots, which I was covering up a lot with the use of wearing foundation. My facial skin was sagging along my chin line due to age and excessive weight gain and loss and I also had fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes and on my forehead – I turned 50 recently and wanted to invest into my skin and appearance and a friend recommended I try the treatment as her daughter has seen some life-changing results for her Acne Scars.

Since starting the MicroNeedling treatments (I have had 3 so far), I have seen a significant change in my scar tissue repair and pigmentation. My boil scarring has gone, as have my pimples and my skin is constantly rejuvenating and repairing before my eyes.

I no longer wear foundation (that’s the truth) and my skin feels a lot tighter and thicker, and I can visually see a reduction in my wrinkles around my eyes and forehead. I can see a significant lift to the sides of my face and my chin area, this is where the tissue remodelling I am told has rejuvenated, giving my chin and jaw area a more youthful, defined appearance.

My skin tone is brighter, the texture of my skin feels baby soft and smooth, and my overall appearance looks vibrant, healthy and I am told my family and friends that I look younger.

This treatment for me has been hugely successful and it will definitely be something I have on an ongoing basis and I will build it in as part of my ongoing beauty regime.

On an emotional level, this treatment has made me feel good about myself, more confident and happy with how I now look. It has also enabled me to go out without always wearing makeup and feel comfortable and confident that I still look good as my skin is in such good condition.

The Practitioner was nothing short of AMAZING and encouraging. From the beginning, she listened to all my concerns, took an interest into my emotional goals as well as skin goals and post-treatment, followed up with texts daily and weekly to see how I was and to answer any queries. I truly felt like a VIP or a member of her family. I am over the moon with the results and for me, its given me to he confidence to go and focus on other goals in my life! Thank you Renewed Skin for all that you have done for me.

Teena W from Maidenhead

Lip fillers from Renewed Skin and I can’t be happier, I love them. Subtle, natural looking and unless I tell anyone you can’t really tell. I have had lip fillers before that went wrong from another salon and the women who did it were not properly qualified. When I was referred to Renewed Skin Aesthetics and could see they have a proper Medic led person doing the filler, I booked in. I was made to feel relaxed immediately and a thorough consultation was done first. Friendly team and situated in a lovely private place, the location is amazing. Thanks again and sorry I kept getting nervous in the chair!

Melissa B from Berkshire

Cheers for the treatment, I can see changes in the scars I had on my face and texture of my skin feels and looks younger-looking. I have had 2 treatments now, which I had 5 weeks apart and I am booked in for another treatment. My other half has commented on the change and how much more I look fresher and younger. Friendly staff and knowledgeable, glad I decided to go ahead, I thought these treatments were only for women

Tony Davey from Slough

I have just had my 1st micro-needling treatment with the lovely Dani, and already I can see the difference, how is that even possible! Its day 11 and my skin feels like silk (you said it would) and tighter. I had some scarring from old spots that would not shift, and my skin has become saggy and old as I’ve aged (I am in my early 40’s). I have invested in the course of 3 treatments and can’t wait to see what I look like on day 33-40, this is when the 1 session peaks apparently with the new collagen. Will write another review/blog with updates on how I get on!

Rav Kaur from West Drayton, Middx

Great experience, friendly team and I felt like I was visiting a friend, not a clinic for my Botox treatment. Thank you, results kicked in around 7 days, and the fine lines have completely gone – Highly recommend.

Harriet Collins, Reading

Thank you, Renewed Skin team, for your patience and support with my skin. I have just finished my course of 3 micro-needling treatments, and I cannot believe how effective it has been on clearing up my acne scars and pigmented skin. Since my mid 30’s, I started to get type 1-2 acne and started to lose my confidence a lot, mixed with growing older and the fine lines and wrinkles started to appear a lot more. My friend Amanda had told me that she has been for micro-needling treatments near her and suggested I try a course – I am so glad I did. The results are excellent, my skin feels great and more youthful, the wrinkles on my forehead and eye area have reduced a lot, and overall I can see the difference in the new collagen produced as my jowls area around my mouth has bounced back.

Laura Harris from Ascot