Body waxing is available for the following areas; Arms, Underarms, Legs, Chest, Back, Face, Bikini (Brazilian), Stomach. Prices are dependant on singular or bundle packages. Contact us to find out prices and offers.

Achieve a smoother, longer-lasting look with Waxing

Waxing on the skin, is a safe and effective treatment used to remove unwanted hair from the face and body and can be used on almost any skin area.
A waxing treatment can leave you area hair-free up to 6 weeks, however, please note that results vary based on hair type and growth.

Although Waxing is not a permanent hair removal treatment, it has long-term benefits, such as a reduction in hair growth, regular Waxing is kept up, and finer hair growing back.

The Wax removes hair from the root, which will leave your skin hair-free for longer than shaving, which will only remove the hair from the surface of the skin, otherwise known as the epidermal layers of the skin.

Exfoliation is another great benefit to having Waxing, as it will remove the dead skin cells from your chosen area too, leaving your skin feeling smoother and soft to touch.

You don’t get any cuts or bruises with Waxing, and your skin will never have that stubble feel you can get with shaving.

The difference between a Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood wax

  • Bikini Waxing is used to remove unwanted hair visible around the areas of a bikini knicker/bottoms or a swimming costume.
  • Brazilian Wax is used to remove hair from the pubic area leaving a 2.5 cm line of hair over the pubic area. This type of area waxing has been made famous by celebrities and models that have the treatment. Noticeably the popular USA series, Baywatch back in the ’90s was recognised for its Brazilian Wax.
  • Hollywood wax removes all the hair – yes, that is right – everything. All your hair is waxed from the front, between the legs, and between the buttocks.

How long does my hair have to be?
If you have been shaving, or have had a wax treatment, you need at least 4 weeks’ worth of hair regrowth in order for us to remove all the hair and leave you with a satisfied result.

Pre-Treatment Advice
Try to avoid booking your wax appointment 1-2 days before starting your menstruation as you may feel more sensitive at this time.
Do not book a treatment on an area of sunburn skin or if you have any current infectious skin conditions.
Avoid sunbathing 24 hours before and after a treatment. Inform your therapist if you have any medical conditions which might not be suitable for waxing.

Post Treatment Advice
Avoid using a swimming pool, sauna, steam, sunlight 24hours before your waxing treatment and 48 hours after. The area treatment may be irritated by the wax and to avoid any reactions, the area treated needs to be protected.

We recommended that do you do not wax if you have diabetes or are using any medication to thin the blood Retinol A, Differin or Roaccutane. Please let your Practitioner and the Clinic Manager now at your earliest for your own safety.

Hygiene Request
Please come freshly showered for your treatment. We understand if you are coming straight from work, this might be difficult – wet wipes are available if you need them.

Deposits – A 20% deposit is required before booking an appointment. Remaining 80% balance to be paid in person on the day or in advance via online. Please give 24 hours notice of cancellation – deposits are non-refundable; however, your appointment date can be moved to another date/time, and deposits can be moved over to any other treatment.

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