What is the difference between High Street and Pharmaceutical & Medical grade Skincare products?

If you’ve ever been to have an aesthetic treatment in a clinic by a qualified practitioner, or perhaps you’re a fan of skincare, then you’ve most certainly would have come across at least one medical-grade skincare brand along the way. However, what exactly does ‘medical grade’ skincare mean, and what are the benefits over high street cosmetic brands?

First, let’s make it clear, there’s nothing wrong with high-street skincare brands, and many of the products are proven to be quite effective. However, you will notice that beauty spa’s and aesthetics clinics don’t stock the same skincare products available in Boots or Selfridges. These clinics will only ever stock pharmaceutical or medical-grade skincare products. But is there a difference? Yes, there is, and we explore what these differences are.

What is medical-grade skincare?

Medical grade skin care products are backed by science and clinical trials to prove their efficacy and are results-driven.

They offer a higher percentage of active ingredients, and their molecular configurations mean they can reach much deeper into the dermis layers of the skin, where collagen and elastin are reproduced.

In comparison, high street skincare brands include limited active ingredients in their product range. Once creams or serums are applied to the skin, they sit on top of dead skin cells, (the epidermis layers of the skin, the skin that we can touch, such as our cheeks or forehead). The ingredients are not active enough to pierce through the dermis layers of the skin to stimulate new collagen reproduction or elastin. In short, they have little impact over the long term.

Where high street brands tend to use the same ingredients in all their products, by contrast, medical-grade skincare products use more advanced and specific components that are active and proven to provide significant benefits for skin problems. It is important to highlight that for medical-grade skincare, only fully trained, qualified and certified professionals can handle these products and sell them, whereas, anyone can sell you high-street products with limited training and knowledge about the skin and the ingredients.

Should you buy medical-grade or high-street products?

Ideally, everyone should have an adequate supply of skincare products to use at home. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, and also the only one that’s continuously exposed. The weather and other outside conditions can wreak havoc on your skin, along with the general ageing process. A skincare routine is essential to keep your skin in perfect condition and to prevent common skincare issues. More importantly, as your skin begins to mature and age, we need to ensure we are protecting and looking after it. Remember, skincare can start at ANY age.

Consequently, you must be smart when selecting your skincare products. Should you buy medical-grade or high-street products? Realistically, medical-grade products are more useful and provide longer-lasting results. Still, you have to take your budget into account. For some people, it might not be feasible to pay for medical-grade products. As such, you can only afford high-street products for your skin.

Nevertheless, it can be beneficial to treat yourself to medical-grade options if possible. Perhaps you can pinpoint your biggest skincare worry and invest in a medical-grade product that targets it. The rest of your skincare routine consists of high-street options, but you use the best product for your biggest problem.


To summarise, medical-grade products contain active ingredients that have been medically tested and proven to elicit cosmetic benefits. They can only be prescribed and sold by qualified professionals, while high-street products rarely contain active ingredients and can be distributed by anybody. The medical-grade options are usually more expensive, though they will provide better results than their high-street counterparts.

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